Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Olivia & Jeremy Get Married in Camden Maine with Point Lookout Reception

Olivia & Jeremy Get Married!

Pinks and Oranges seem to be the hot colors this wedding season. The colors the bridesmaids chose for this wedding were excellent for my computer color enhancing to get that "Vintage, Black & White, and Color" look. Stronger colors offer me multitudes of options for a finished print and I was so pleased to work on this job.

Camden Congregational Church was the venue for the ceremony and Point Lookout for the reception. I got the chance to work with some "local color" as they call it around here.

I photographed the bride, Olivia, when she was a child back in the film days and I was their family photographer. She grew up with the love of black and white photography as an art form, so she already had an appreciation of what I could do for her and she and Jeremy totally supported my creative work as an artist.

Jeremy "Mr. Happy as I called him" was an excellent groom and so much a part of the event. He helped Olivia every step of the way in working on the intimate details of the day. Jeremy was so fun to watch that day as I love a groom who is present "emotionally and spiritually" as Jeremy was.

This wedding was all about family and friends. With over 100 guests, it still had that intimate, personal feel to it. After Olivia's father escorted her down the aisle, sang Ave Maria to the bride and groom and even brought tears to this photographer's eyes.

Congrat's to Olivia and Jeremy and thank you for making me a part of your day!