Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Fall Wedding In a Maine Summer, Whitehall Inn, Camden Maine

A Fall Wedding In Summer............

This was a really cute couple from Wisconsin and Ohio. The day was very warm, humid, and chance of thundershowers...........but it never happened..... Their sweet wedding was held at the beautiful Whitehall Inn in Camden, Maine.

I think the weather can stress out a bride more than anything........especially in Maine when the weather can change from minute to minute. But this bride lucked out. The rain never came and the skies opened up for her perfect fall wedding in summer in Maine.

This bride chose colors of brilliant orange, yellow, brown, gold and everything else about it was in fall colors.

I really love this long late lighting. But remember, the weather controls everything, so you have to be really loose about planning an outdoor wedding. It's a risk in Maine, but a risk well worth it.
The Whitehall Inn is a perfect venue if you are having a smaller wedding of no more than 100 guests. They have a lovely patio garden setting for the ceremony, a nice pub style bar for cocktails, and a cozy charming dining room. The food is excellent and the owners running the event are very relaxed and easy to get along with. The inn is conveniently located within 2 minutes of Camden Harbor and the Amphitheater where we took the formal candid shots of the Bride/Groom and Wedding Party.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Daniel & Heather's Wedding Photos Ski Esta Resort, Bethel Maine by Bonnie Farmer Photography, Wedding Photographer

DANIEL & HEATHER had a spectacular wedding this past weekend at the Ski Esta Resort located in Bethel Maine. It is an excellent backdrop if you love mountains, sky and the feeling of being on top of the world! Even through this past weekend’s unpredictable weather with an interesting mix of sun, rain and clouds, it is a wonderful venue if you are planning an outdoor wedding of 100 guests or less and like the security of an inside location.

Ski Esta is spacious and very elegantly decorated. As a wedding photographer, I always prefer the outdoor setting but I must say, working inside the Ski Esta during this ceremony was very exciting. The tall arched cathedral ceilings against a high wall of glass,definitely has it’s lighting challenges but a skilled photographer should be able to handle the assignment just fine. As a wedding guest, you feel as though the outside has been brought into as you listen to the I do’s with the stunning mountain range as a backdrop.

This wedding featured not only a beautiful bride, but Molly the Bulldog was quite the hit too! Molly was part of the wedding ceremony and behaved perfectly as she sat on a chair in the front row next to Heather’s mother. I don’t usually get so close to the wedding party as they are the focal point during the ceremony, but how could I not take these shots of Molly?

So the day was a huge success. It rained, it poured, and the sun came out for a brilliant show against dark blue clouds. This wedding was a lot of fun to photograph and offered so many creative possibilities for me. Congrat’s to Daniel and Heather and a big thank you for including me in your day.