Monday, May 25, 2009

Monhegan Island Wedding 5/23/09 Brandon & Heather

This is a quaint little wedding I shot on Monhegan Island over the weekend. Monhegan is a great place for an intimate wedding! It was mostly cloudy with a definate chill in the air, but the couple were so much fun that it made up for any coolness. The small boat leaves Port Clyde which gives you a great view of the Port Clyde Lighthouse and takes about an hour to get out to the island. They were married in this little chapel that has no lighting but a couple gas lamps. The groom had connections to the island as he worked there a few winters helping with lobstering. Said he only saw it in January! It was the bride's first time out to the island.

There are no cars on the island, just these sweet old dirt roads that are footpaths around the island.

This chuch was probably built in the 1700's.

This tiny cove is where I shot the wedding party and bride/groom shots. The groom had asked me to do some special shots here of he and his bride. This is the same cove that the groom worked out of in January when covered with ice. I love the old buildings that overlook this harbor. I wanted to create a dramatic shot of the bride and groom here and think it worked!
The island is very full, lush and green this time of year. You feel as though you have just stepped into a painting.

A quiet moment between the bride
and groom on the beach.

The Island Inn is a great place to stay! They have recently updated many of the rooms and the artwork throughout is beautiful! Ask for a room that overlooks the